Terms & Conditions

  • Proof of current F3 or F4 vaccination is required upon arrival.

  • Cats should be wormed at least 2 weeks prior to their stay.

  • All cats are checked for fleas on arrival. If  we find any of these unwelcome guests we will need to administer flea treatment at a cost to you.

  • All cats must be treated for ticks prior to arrival and during their stay so they can enjoy the freedom of the grassed exercise yard.

  • All male cats must be de-sexed over the age of 7 months.

  • If your cat requires medication administered during it’s stay, label each item with your cat’s name, dosage rate and times.

  • Cats must be transported to and from the cattery in a secure pet carrier. This is to stay with us for the duration of their stay.

  • Whilst everything is done to ensure both the comfort and safety of your cat and whilst every care will be exercised by those in charge, Carlyn
    Park Cattery is not responsible in any way for any loss, accident or sickness which may occur or happen through any circumstance.

  • In the event of your cat requiring veterinary attention and you are not contactable, Carlyn Park Cattery shall use their discretion in obtaining veterinary advice and you shall be liable for the costs of such attention.

  • All charges incurred must be paid prior to your cat leaving Carlyn Park Cattery. Fees are charged on a per calendar day basis.

  • In the event that your cat is left beyond the stipulated period and charges have not been paid, Carlyn Park Cattery reserve the right after 14 days to remove your cat and you shall have no claim whatsoever.

  • By boarding your cat at Carlyn Park Cattery, you agree to accept the above terms and conditions of boarding.